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Feral Cat

Felis catus

During current extended dry conditions, feral cat predation is increasing.


Cats bask in the sun by the water-trough waiting for their next victim. The cat strikes from below when a bird comes to drink or bathe ... again and again.


Camera footage captured by a fixed motion activated camera set to take 10 shots (1/second) when triggered (represented by: Motion M1,M2... etc at top of frame

Footage taken over a 2.5hrs and spliced together to a run time of 53 seconds.

2 kills and 2 strikes captured

Time line 9th August 2018

3:19pm Black Feral Cat with white sox arrives

4:40pm 1st strike and leaves site with victim

4:45pm Returns and strikes soon after

5:25pm Another strike

5:53pm Leaves site with another victim

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