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Venturing beyond of  Bullarah

Discovering new birds in Bullarah district is getting harder.
Sharing photography from trips further afield.

Narran Lakes Nature Reserve

Photographing Fauna and Flora at Narran Lakes and surrounds whilst volunteering with NPWS assisting in Coloniial Waterbird Surveys. Photography of breeding sites undertaken with ethics approval.

DSC_3068 Blue-billed Duck.jpg

Cicadas North West NSW

Photographing and recording audio of Cicadas around NW NSW.

DSC_3756 False Cherrynose Cicada.jpg

Werrakimbie NP

More to be added soon

DSC_3068 Blue-billed Duck.jpg

Gwydir Wetlands State Conservation Area

Photographing Fauna and Flora at Gwydir SCA and surrounds. Volunteering with NPWS assisting with Surveys.

DSC_3161 Great-crested Grebe and jo.jpg

Bullala National Park and SCA

Exploring and photographing Fauna and Flora at Bullala NP and SCA.

Bullala National Park

Culgoa National Park

Exploring Culgoa National Park 26-28th April 2024 whilst approximately 3,800 to 4,00ML/day flow was in River.

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